The Proven Home Remedies

Answer the questions!
  • Did you know that 6 cherries have the same effect as 1 aspirin? Plus cherries are filled with antioxidants!
  • Did you know that you can make a natural laxative that works many times better for constipation than any over the counter laxatives? Just eat four prunes twice a day and you will have the most effective and gentlest remedy for constipation.
  • Did you know that if every woman in the United States would get just one nutrient every day breast cancer rates would drop 50 Percent?
  • Did you know that medical researchers have identified literally thousands of healing nutrients in every day foods and herbs?

It's true. Right now, and for many years, clinical researchers at leading universities have been discovering and testing a wide array of nutrients that can heal dozens of common illnesses. Without the risky side affects or huge price tags of prescription drugs.

Imagine that you come down with the flu, a migraine headache, diarrhea, or one other aches and discomforts we face on a regular basis as human beings, but instead of "toughing it out" or reluctantly going to a local doctor so he can take a quick glance at you and give you an expensive prescription, you've got a much easier, much more effective, much safer solution right in your own kitchen cupboard!

Just simply grab a few common ingredients in the kitchen, mix them together, and voila! Not only do you have a safe and effective home remedy for your illness or problem, you just saved yourself from hours of frustration sitting in a doctors office and potentially $100's of dollars.

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Become Perfect Couple In Bed

Do you want to be a perfect sex partner in bed? You must learn from the best. An ebook that teach you 500 tips of lovemaking. read the snapshot:
  • The HUGE mistake partners make during sex. Do this and your partner may feel rejected and upset. Hint: It's got nothing to do with 'performance'
  • Is your man too long? This simple technique will stop him from penetrating too deep.
  • The one thing you must NEVER do when giving her oral sex… it's actually dangerous and most people don't know about it
  • A creative and romantic way to make love in your own backyard
  • 2 natural ways to add length to your penis (one you can even test out tonight)
  • A simple position that gives better access to hit her G-spot… increase the chances of her screaming your name in ecstasy with this little maneuver
  • Combine these two things for a unique sensation when giving oral sex … surprise her like she never thought possible with this technique
  • The TRUTH about Kama Sutra and why it's NOT so great
  • A simple 'trick' to feel more pleasure wearing a condom while still being safe Hint: It's not wearing a thinner one !
  • A sex game you can play while watching TV… And no, It's NOT watching porn!
  • One thing you should stop doing during sex because it decreases pleasure… best of all it's very easy for most people to stop doing it
  • Understand 'sexy talk' and how it differs for men and women
  • 4 unique places to make love… if you're bored of the bedroom, this may add a new level of excitement to your lovemaking Two smells that can instantly increase penile blood flow by up to 40%
  • 21 tips and techniques to give a man more pleasure during oral sex (tips scattered throughout)
  • A striptease is a great way to excite your partner but do it wrong and it could kill the mood… here's 7 keys to a great striptease to drive your partner wild!
  • How to make a woman more comfortable in the nude with the lights on. Don't be surprised if she wants to do it with the lights on more often after this
  • What 'restrooms' have to do with women's G-spots… learn how to give her more sensation and pleasure with the same effort
  • 24 tips and techniques to give a woman's clitoris more pleasure.
  • A unique way to keep your penis erect longer without pills
  • The biggest mistakes guys make giving oral sex …please her with this oral sex tip instead
  • The 3 DO's and DON'Ts of preparing a striptease for your partner
  • A SUPER FOOD that can increase your sexual drive, sexual potency, fertility and even energy levels
  • 3 things that lower your testosterone levels (continue and they may eventually make your erections impossible)
  • A unique way to top off a lovemaking session that could make it a truly unforgettable experience… you'll wonder why you never thought of this before
  • Thinking of getting a vibrator? Don't buy one until you've read this important information… miss this and you might end up wasting your money!
  • The 'window of opportunity' during a woman's cycle when she's most likely to climax… time it right and she could enjoy it much more
  • How to make your man's facial hair softer… enjoy pain-free and itch-free kissing while being intimate with your man
  • Can't get in the mood? No worries, tip #34 on page 16 will help fix that problem
  • 9 scented oils that are said to increase sexual arousal
  • Lubrication Guide: 5 types of lubricants reviewed including PROs, CONs and tips for using them properly… three types of water-based lubricants, one silicone and one oil-based too
  • 6 adventurous sex positions with descriptions and pictures
  • A little short? That's okay… this little 'trick' will make her feel you deeper and increase her level of pleasure
  • A 'yucky' chemical often found on condoms that could cause stinging and unpleasantness… avoid these when shopping for more supplies
  • Two foods, when combined, that make a natural, edible lubricant
  • A unique way to use perfume and colognes that can get your partner in the mood faster
  • Ever stopped making love because you're too tired or unfit? This sex position on page 76 shows how to use less energy so you can keep the passion alive longer
  • A simple technique to give him more pleasure with your hand
  • Two types of foods that give guys stronger erections
  • The month a man's testosterone peaks… this is the perfect time to go on a romantic vacation
  • Four different methods to help prevent man from finishing sex too early
  • A simple 'trick' to feel more pleasure wearing a condom while still being safe Hint: It's not wearing a thinner one!
  • How to get the kinds of kisses you've always wanted from your man without saying a single word… avoid crushing his sexual confidence and self-esteem using this tip
  • 10 illustrated sex positions with descriptions to spice up your lovemaking…
  • The best light bulb color to intensify orgasms… And no, it's NOT red!
  • A little-known secret to invigorate someone who is too tired for sex… enjoy more sex and intimacy together
  • And much more.

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